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We live in an era of information overload. Printed flyers are still a highly effective old school way of cutting through all that noise and bringing your message right to your target market - very visual and in their face. Our high quality flyers are also very cost effective, allowing you to print literally...


Booklets have many different uses, from marketing material, to product catalogues to manuals and so much more. The possibilities are endless. The extra pages and space allows you to incorporate images, graphics and other visuals needed to support your message

folded leaflets

You get one chance to create a good impression, and with a beautiful folded leaflet you need look no further. With ample space to convey your message, visually showcase your products and promote your services, it’s a perfect way to connect with your customers. Versatile and flexible, our leaflets can be as unique...


From birthday parties, to weddings, to product launches and anything in between, all great events start with an appealing invitation. Receiving a printed invitation elevates your event as it stands out from the standard email communication that is so commonplace today.

post cards

Postcards are simple and stylish, allowing you to speak directly to your clients with little distraction. It’s still regarded as being a highly effective direct marketing tool as you can combine visuals and a clear, concise message, getting straight to the point.


We eat with our eyes as the saying goes, and while your patrons are waiting for their meal, make sure that they have something appealing to look at. Placemats are an excellent promotional tool, while being very practical at the same time.

business cards


Whether you are advertising your business, promoting an event or selling a specific product, nothing is as powerful as a high impact poster strategically placed for maximum visibility. A single poster can reach thousands of people, driving your message home over and over again.

Business cards are used in many situations, but they all serve the same purpose - to provide your contact details for future use. They are an extension of your brand – whether business or personal – and speak volumes about who you.


Your business is all about food, whether you are running a high end restaurant, a family steak house, or a fast food outlet. Your kitchen draws your patrons, and your menu is your showcase. It’s your whole reason for being in business, in one comprehensive place. At the very least, it must be perfect


Whether you are just starting out, or an established business, there can be no doubt that a letterhead adds a touch of class and professionalism. It shapes perceptions about your business, creating a long lasting positive image. As an extension of your brand, it also creates a marketing opportunity

wall calendars

A highly effective way of being seen every day and being kept top of mind. As a promotional tool, it’s particularly useful for service providers, but any business can benefit from this strongly branded item. Apart from carrying your logo, it also allows you to showcase pictures of your products or service

pull-up banners

Easy to assemble and move around, these banners are ideal for indoor use at conferences, functions and marketing events. Add your branding to any venue with these stylish banners. They can also be used at trade shows or outside retail stores


tent calendars


Boost your brand and create a professional image. No more rummaging for a paperclip to keep papers together – your custom designed presentation folders show that you care about your business, your clients and their business. These folders can be used when presenting a proposal, 


An affordable alternative, suitable for use at conferences, events and other promotions. They are lightweight and easy to assemble, and ideally suited where the campaign or messaging may change, such as monthly promotions or seasonal offers, as different banners can be used on the same frame. 


urable enough to withstand the elements, tie up banners are used in many different ways, mostly outdoors, at sporting and similar events. These banners can be used for branding, or for specific messaging. With bold printing and vibrant colours, they are usually placed in prominent positions


With so many different uses, stickers can be either fun or functional, but they always serve a specific purpose and convey a message. They may be used for something as practical as a wine label, or stationery item, or as fun as a window or bumper sticker,

correx boards

Also known as “plastic cardboard”, correx is often used to make signs, and in particular estate agency boards. It is a lightweight double sided fluted plastic that is rigid as well as waterproof, lending itself well to all types of signage. It can be used for point of sale displays, road, warning and site signs

fridge calendars

Give your clients a gift that they will use, 365 days a year. A magnetic fridge calendar is one of the most practical household items used to keep track of appointments, events, birthdays and other important dates in this busy world that we live in. All homes have a fridge, as do many offices, so it’s a high volume area,


Your branding is carried through in everything that you do, and that includes tags. Even though they may be small, they play a very important role in the overall customer experience and must tie in with your branding. You may use gift tags, garment tags, or tags for another reason


Every time a book is opened, there you are. What a great way to ensure top of mind with your customers and create awareness amongst potential customers. It’s a practical gift that’s very useful. Bookmarks can be handed out at schools, universities, libraries, book launches – anywhere where books are to be found


We all need to scribble things down at times - whether it’s a to-do list, a shopping list or to take notes at a conference. Having a notepad makes life so much easier – no more scrambling for a piece of paper to write on. It’s a handy little stationery item that most people would appreciate and use,

Tent Calendars are a great choice for a promotional gift that is effective all year round. Keep your brand in front of people where they spend most of their time. A tent calendar is a part of every office at most workstations. Everything from a quick reference to  note a public holiday, a tent calendar on a desk is always being used.

Whether you need certificates for a graduation ceremony, company conference, sports ceremony, a child's preschool diploma, or even an employee of the month award, we have the ability to print large volumes or smaller quantities of certificates in a short amount of time. 

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